DR. T. Sundararaj   PROFESSOR AND HEAD (Retired),
List Of Research Publications
  1.   Skin and mucus membrane as reservoirs of Bacterium anitratum and Mima polymorpha.
Venkataramani,T.K., T.Sundararaj, H.N. Madhavan, and K.B.Sharma.
J.Ind.Med.Assoc. 67:99-100,1972.
  2.   Mycotic flora of normal conjunctiva.
Gupta,A.K., L.R.Dasgupta,S.Ramamorthy, T.Sundararaj, K.N.Shukla.
  3.   Mycological studies in keratitis.
Dasgupta,L.R.,A.K.Gupta,B.Ghosh ray,T.Sundararaj, S.Ramamoorthy and P.A.Lamba.
Actinomycetes from mycetomas and other cases around Pondicherry.
Dasgupta,L.R., T.Sundararaj, and S.C.Agarwal.
Indian J.Med.Res.62:765-775,1974.
  5.   Pyogenic meningitis caused by Salmonella typhimurium.
Dasgupta,L.R., T.Sundararaj, G.Somasekar, S.C.Agarwal
  6.   Cell mediated immunity to Vibrio cholerae with ribonucleic acid protein fractions of V.cholerae L form lysates.
Agarwal,S.C., and T.Sundararaj
Infection and Immunity,14:363-367,1976.
  7.   Cell mediated immunity in experimental Nocardia asteroides infection.
Sundararaj,T., and S.C.Agarwal
Infection and Immunity,15:370-375,1976.
  8.   Cell mediated immunity after oral immunization with ribonucleic acid fraction of Vibrio cholerae L form lysate
Agarwal,S.C., and T.Sundararaj.
Infection and Immunity,16,527-530,1977.
  9.   Cell mediated immunity to Nocardia asteroides induced by its ribonucleic acid protein fraction
Sundararj.T., Agarwal,S.C.
Infection and Immunity,18:253-256,1977.
  10.   Cell mediated immunity in experimental Nocardia asteroides infection.
A thesis by T.Sundararaj submitted for Ph.D degree of University of Madras in August 1977.
  11.   Childhood diarrhoea and its association with entero pathogenic Esh.coli.
Khanna,K.K., Ramanathan,A.,Puri.P.K., V.N.Bhatia. T.Sundararaj.
Indian J.Pediatr. 44: 169-175,1977.
  12.   Relationship of macrophages to cell mediated immunity in experimental Nocardia asteroides infection.
Sundararaj,T., S.C.Agarwal
Infection and Immunity,20:685-691,1978.
  13.   Widal test as a diagnostic aid: a reappraisal.
Rao,R.S., T.Sundararaj, S.Subramanian, and C.N.Paramasivan
Indian J.Microbiol. 20:1-2,1980.
  14.   Serological evidence of leptospirosis in cattle.
Ratnam,S., T.Sundararaj and S.Subramanian.
Proceedings of the Fourth National Congress of Medical Microbiologists.Vol.IV:1980.
  15.   A comparative evaluation of two proteocine typing schemes.
Rao,R.S., T.Sundararaj, S.Subramanian and C.N.Paramasivan
Indian J.Med.Res.74:11-12,1981.
  16.   Cell mediated immunity in human amoebiasis.
Sundararj.T.,R.S.Rao, Solomon Suniti and S.Subramanian.
  17.   Cell mediated immune response in human cases of Rhinosporidiosis.
Citravel,V., T.Sundararaj, S.Subramanian,M.Kumaresan and S.Kunjithapadam.
  18.   A study of drug resistance among Salmonella typhi and Salmonella paratyphi A in an endemic area, 1977-78.
Rao,R.S., T.Sundararaj, S.Subramanian,V.Shankar,S.A.N.Murthy And S.C.Kapoor.
  19.   Cell mediated immunity to Salmonella typhi in normal population of Madras(India) an endemic area for typhoid fever.
Sundararaj.T., R.S.Rao,S.Subramanian and C.N.Paramasivan.
  20.   Studies on humoral and cell mediated immune responses to leptospires among house rats .
Ratnam,S., T.Sundararaj and S.Subramanian.
  21.   Kinetics of the development of cell mediated immunity in human cases of intestinal amoebiasis
Sundararaj,T, Gomathy Palvannanathan,Suniti Solomon.
  22.   Detection of circulating antigen in patients with Rhinosporidiosis
Citravel,V., T.Sundararaj, S.Subramanian,M.Kumaresan,and S.Kunjithapadam.
Sabouraudia,20, 1982.
  23.   Serological evidence of leptospirosis in a population following an outbreak of the disease in cattle
Ratnam., T.Sundararaj S.Subramanian.
Trans.Roy.Soc.Trop.Med.Hyg., 77:94-98,1983.
  24.   Cell mediated immunity as indicated by leukocyte migration inhibition test to Entamoeba histolytica in normal population.
Sundararaj.T., Suniti Solomon, A.Sundararaj, and S.Subramanian.
Indian J.Med.Microbiol. 1:65-68,1983.
  25.   Serological evidence of leptospirosis in jaundice and pyrexia of unknown origin.
Ratnam., T.Sundararaj, S.P.Thyagarajan, R.s.Rao, N.Madanagopalan, and S.Subramanian.
Indian J.Med.Res. 77:427-430,1983.
  26.   Isolation of leptospires and demonstration of antibodies in human leptospirosis in Madras, India.
Ratnam,S., S.Subramanian, T.Sundararaj, and V.Jeyanthi
Trans.Roy.Soc.Trop.Med.Hyg. 77:455-458,1983.
  27.   Effect of iron on the growth of Clostridium difficile
Thangam Menon., T.Sundararaj, and S.Subramanian.
Indian J.Med.Microbiol.1:61-64,1983.
  28.   Evidence of leptospiral antibodies among domestic animal in Madras city.
Ratnam,S., S.Subramanian and T.Sundararaj.
Cherion, 12:176-177,1983.
  29.   A study on the usefulness of counter immuno electrophoresis for the detection of Salmonella typhi antigen in the sera of suspected cases of enteric fever.
Sundararaj,T., B.Ilango, and S.Subramanian.
  30.   Transmissible drug resistance in Proteus mirabilis.
Rao.R.S., T.Sundararaj and S.Subramanian.
Indian J.Path.Microbiol.27: 37-42, 1984.
  31.   Quantitative wound biopsy and its relation to graft survival Burns.
Thangam Menon, S.Subramanian, T.Sundararaj, R.Murugesan and C.R.Sundararajan.
Ind. J.Surg. 46:445-447,1984.
  32.   .Kinetics of peripheral blood T.cell number and functions in patients with burns.
Thangam Menon, T.Sundararaj, S.Subramanian, R.Murugesan and C.R.Sundararajan.
Journal of Trauma, 24:220-223,1984.
  33.   Development of cell mediated immunity in guinea pigs immunized with ribonucleic acid protein fraction of Entamoeba histolytica.
Sundararaj,T, A.Sundararaj and S.Subramanian.
Indian J.Med.Microbiol. 2:49-55, 1984.
  34.   Studies on humoral and cell mediated immunity to Toxoplasma gondii in human cases with heart diseases.
Sundararaj.T., T.Balasubramanian, A.Manivannan, B.Ilango, A.Sundararaj.
  35.   Role of bandicoots in human leptospirosis in Madras city. An epidemiological approach.
Ratnam,S., T.Sundaararaj, S.Subramanian.
Indian J.Public Health.30:167-169, 1986
  36.   Heterospecific transplantation of human embryonic cortical tissue into the cerebellum of bonet monkey(Macaca radiata).
Muthusamy,R., R.Sheeladevi, A.Namasivayam, T.Sundararaj, A.Sundararaj,K.Babakrishnan, K.M.Marimuthu and
p. Govindarajulu
Neuroscience(Supplement)Vol 22: 52-65,1987.
  37.   Studies on the cell mediated immune response in mixed parasitic infection with Giardia lamblia and E.histolytica in human cases.
Sundararaj,T. S.Mohana,S.Srikant,B.Ilango,D.Anbu, and A.Sundararaj.
Indian J.Med.Microbiol. 5: 291-296,1987.
  38.   Role of humoral and cell mediated immune responses in systemic candidiasis in experimental animals.
Sundararaj,T. and Aswathy Sundararaj.
Indian J.Med.Microbiol.5:251-259,1987.
  39.   Experimental study with leptospires in bandicoots(Bandicoota bengalensis).
Ratnam,S., Sundararaj,T.,S.Subramanian and Adinarayanan,N.
Indian J.Exp.Biol.25(2)105-1071987
  40.   Transplantation of human embryonic cortical tissue into the brain of bonet monkey(Macaca radiata).
Muthusamy,R.,R.Sheeladevi,A.Namasivayam,T.Sundararaj,and A.Sundararaj.
Anatomical Adjuncts, I/vii 62, 1988
  41.   Transplantation of monkey embryonic cortical tissue into the cerebellum of bonet monkey(Macaca radiata).
Muthusamy,R.,R.Sheeladevi, T.Sundararaj, A.Sundararaj.
  42.   Introduction to infectious diseases.
  43.   To identify opportunities and incentives to motivate young scientists in society development programme.
Sundararaj,T. In Young scientist s session at science congress. Publn.by Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. Pp 29-30,1990.
  44.   Kinetics of peripheral blood leukocyte counts in patients following thermal injuries.
Thangam Menon, T.Sundararaj,and S.Subramanaian
Indian J.Pathol.Microbiol. 33:4,372-374,1990.
  45.   Detection of circulating parasite antigen in bancroftian filariasis by counter immunoelectrophoresis using antibodies to SD-4 fraction from heterologous S.digitata.
Maligarjun,N., G.Doreen,S.Khaleefatullah and T.Sundararaj
Indian J,Med.Microbiol.9: 156-161,1991.
  46.   Study on the etiologic agent s of mycotic keratitis.
Usha Gnanaselvi,J., Geetha,G, Jeyalakshmi,J,Anandakannan,K, and T.Sundararaj.
  47.   Bacteriocin typing of Aeromonas species.
Sundararaj.T.,Sachin Mani,Selvkumar,N., Kubendran,K and Maruthupandian,S.
  48.   Studies on the prevalence of Acanthamoeba keratitis in and around Chennai.
Fabian.D., Gnanaselvan.J., Anandakannan.K., Niyanthrini.S., Sundararaj.T. Ind.J.Med.Microbiol. 1998: 16(4) 152-153.
  49.   Studies on the pathogenicity of Acanthamoeba isolated from cases of keratitis
Fabian.D., Rave Shanker.A.,Alex Anand.E., and Sundararaj.T.
Biomedicine, 20(2), 93-108, 2000
  50.   Studies on the reemerging borrelial infections in man
Niren Andrew. S., Sundararaj,T., Jayapal V., Subramanian.S. .
Biomedicine,20 (4), 236-242, 2000
  51   Fabian Davamani., Srinivasan,M., Celine George., and T.Sundararaj. Incidence of acanthamoeba keratitis in and around Madurai. Convergence. 2002.,4 (1-4) 8-14.
  52   Muniappan.M., and T.Sundararaj. Anti inflammatory and anti ulcer activities of Bambusa arundinaceae. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 88, 161-167,2003
  53   T.Sundararaj, Microbes and wild animals Proc 28th conference Ethol.Soc.India 2003: 77-78
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  55   Rajkumar.S., Addline Esther Pushparani.D, Vanitharani,.J., Sundararaj.T. Isolation of enterotoxigenic Clostridium perfringens from the intestinal tract of temple bat (Hipposideros speoris). Proc 28th conference Ethol.Soc.India 2003: 81-82
  56   Karthik Babu.ML., Niren Andrew.S., Sundararaj.T., S.Subramanian.Diagnosis of leptospirosis by Western blot analysis. Indian Journal of Applied Microbiology,2003,3(1) 7-11
  57   Rajkumar.S and T.Sundararaj. Influence of normal intestinal flora on sporulation and enterotoxin production by Clostridium perfringens type a NCTC 8237. Ind.J.Appl.Microbiol.4(1) 13-18, 2004
  58   Addline Esther Pushparani.D, Vanitharani,.J., Rajkumar.S., Sundararaj.T Government, law and temple bat management. Biodiversity resource management and sustainable use. 297-301.2004.