DR. T. Sundararaj   PROFESSOR AND HEAD (Retired),
  Details Of Dissertation Guided
  April 2008 Drug resistance and plasmid profile of clinical strains of Escherichia coli Anandhi.A M.Sc
  April 2008 Human intestinal flora in soil of different localities and their potential role in the transmission of drug resistance Mahalakshmi.R M.Sc
  April 2008 Plasmid profile of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from respiratory tract infections Nithya.S M.Sc
  April 2008 Multiple drug resistant lactobacilli obtained from domestic curds for use as starters for the production of probiotic curds Yasmin.M M.Sc
  April 2008 Determination of C reactive protein level in cases of Leptospirosis Porselvi.S M.Sc
  April 2008 Studies on the incidence of malaria in Thiruvallur and peripheral areas in Chennai Abirami.V M.Sc
  April 2008 Microbial impact on biodegradation of biological and chemical(chromium) wastes in leather industrial effluents Jothi Prema.E M.Sc
  April 2008 Isolation and characterization of Ps.aeruginosa from cases f acute sinusitis Gangadevi.S.G M.Sc
  April 2008 Isolation and characterization of Klebsiella pneumoniae from cases f acute sinusitis Srimathi.M M.Sc
  April 2008 Demonstration of Cryptosporidium from different water samples Muthumariammal.M M.Sc
  April 2008 Studies on the etiology of pyrexia of unknown origin cases from rural Thiruvallur Chandrakala .R M.Sc
  April 2008 Effect of sweater on bacteria from sewage Tamilarasi. G M.Sc
  April 2008 Characterization of different yeast obtained from domestic curds and evaluation of their acid tolerance Agila.S M.Sc
  April 2008 A study on the prevalence of human pathogens in soil and their decay kinetics Dhatchayani.D M.Sc
  April 2008 Studies on toxin genes in Vibrio cholerae by PCR Manjumadha.V.P M.Sc
  April 2008 Incidence of enter pathogens in the popular Indian street food- panipuri, from street of Kolkata and Chennai Shubhashree Bhattacharya M.Sc
  April 2008 Bacteriological investigation of coconut chutneys served in different food points in Adyar- Chennai Sabita Mohapatra M.Sc
  April 2007 Isolation and identification of agarolytic bacteria from marine environment Sripadma.G M.Sc
  April 2007 Studies on toxin genes in Vibrio cholerae by PCR Shabana Banu.K M.Sc
  April 2007 Action of coli phages on clinical strains of E.coli isolated from diarrhoea stool Shantha.R M.Sc
  April 2006 Development of IgM immunoblot for the diagnosis of Leptospirosis Jeyashree.P B.Tech
  April 2006 Studies on the incidence and distribution of cholera cases and the genotypes f Vibrio cholera in and around the city of Chennai
(January -2005- February 2006)
Anjali Jeyaprakash M.Sc
  April 2005 Isolation and molecular characterization of Vibrio cholerae from fresh water bodies in and around city of Chennai Narmada. N M.Sc
  April 2005 Characterization of CTXφ phage genome in the clinical isolates of Vibrio cholerae and transduction studies with the environmental isolates Mohamudha Parveen.R M.Sc
  April 2005 Study on isolation of Vibrio cholerae, Aeromonas and Plesiomonas from fresh water molluscans Arumugam.R M.Sc
  Dec 2004 Study on laboratory diagnosis of Leptospirosis Subashini M.Phil
  Dec 2004 Nodular enhancement of leguminous plants using Rhizobium and agrobacterium Vigneswari.RS M.Phil
  Dec 2004 Study of Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus in chronic liver disease case Thangalakshmi.M M.Phil
  Dec 2004 Characterization of Vibrio cholerae by phage typing and its plasmid profile Navashankari.R M.Phil Biotech
  Dec 2004 Molecular characterization of clinical and environmental isolates of Vibrio cholerae Vivian Joseph Ratnam,P M.Sc
  Dec 2004 Isolation and cultivation of Borrelia from Ticks Hari Prasad.G M.Sc
  Dec 2004 Studies on Acanthamoeba Sowmya.D M.Sc
  April 2001

Utility of different methods for the diagnosis of early stages of leptospirosis Karthik Babu M.Sc
  April 1999 Study on the pathogenicity f different Acanthamoeba species in rabbits Rave sankar.E M.Sc
  April 1998 Morphometry and pathogenicity of Acanthamoeba species isolated from human cases of keratitis Alex Anand.D M.Sc
  April 1995 Epidemiological and clinical studies on human malaria Mohanakrishnan M.D
  April 1993 Bacteriocin typing of Aeromonas species Sachin Mani M.Sc
  April 1993 Biological characteristics of drug resistant S.typhi from enteric fever cases. Murugavel.KG M.Sc
  April 1992 Isolation, identification and characterization of Aeromonas species isolated from the cases of choleraic diarrhoea negative for Vibrio cholerae o-1 Navaraj Selvakumar.B M.Sc
  April 1991 Isolation and identification of Aeromonas species from cases of Diarrhoea Kubendran. G M.Sc
  April 1990   Geetha M.Sc
  April 1990   Jeyalakshmi M.Sc
  April 1989 Biological characteristics of immune complexes from human malaria Uma Maheswari M.Sc
  April 1988 Immunological studies in human vivax malaria Velvizhi.R M.Sc
  April 1986 Humoral and cell mediated immune responses in experimental Candida infection in mice Aswathy .C M.Sc
  April 1986 Studies on the etiology and immunity in cases of vaginitis withspecial reference to Candida Rajammal.S M.Sc
  March 1986 Study on immune response to Toxoplasma gondii in pregnant women Sujatha Chandrasekaran M.D
  September 1986 Isolation and sensitivity pattern in gonococci from cases of urethritis Swaminathan.R M.Sc
  April 1985 Studies on serological and T cell responses in cases of Giardiasis Mohana.S M.sc
  April 1985 Studies on the bacterial etiology of meningitis Anbu.D M.Sc
  April 1984 Serological tests to detect serum antibodies to Giardia lamblia Srikant Anant M.Sc
  October 1982 Humoral and cell mediated immunity in amoebiasis Gomathy Palvannanathan M.D